Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the plans

Interesting week for our hero.

TODAY - test in Differential Equations. I think I did okay. had no idea on the bonus question, but such is life. spent lots and lots of time studying... straight after work, on the lunch break, all last night... it was insane. ugh.

TOMORROW - holy crap, it's a big election. I wrote up all my feelings about that in an article to my beloved members.

WEDNESDAY - i finally, finally will be done with this whole apple laptop shitstorm, I hope. I will either have a shipping number or a cancellation. That's the deadline I gave the store. For my own peace of mind, I wish I would have made the deadline today, but such is life.

THURSDAY - my mastercard bill is due. okay, that was a joke. thursday i am going to sleep, because with everything going on... I just need a freaking nap. This is the first time in forever that we've had an extra hour for daylight savings that I didn't even notice... I'm just plowing through life. this weekend I plan to relax.
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