Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

grow up, get married, and live happily ever after

Had a good day yesterday, I'm glad I stayed in town for this. An old high school friend was getting married and the wedding turned out to be quite a reunion for all of us - kind of like the Big Chill only without the death and sex and drugs and... crap, okay, so it wasn't like The Big Chill at all.

Wedding was nice enough. The bride marched down the aisle to a string quartet playing the Imperial March from Star Wars - yes, it's a union of geeks. They took white shoe polish and wrote "JUST COMPILED" on the getaway car and everything. Logan and Haley have been friends of ours for some time - Logan was a total dork all through school but the fact that he was fucking brilliant made up for all that (national merit scholar - yeah!), then one day he was like, "Guys, I have a girlfriend. We met at church." And that was that. We met her, she was like him in really scary ways, and five or so years later we're at the wedding. He's a chemical engineering major, she's computers/electrical. A match made in... outer space. I'm sure they'll live happily ever after, and if they produce children that can work together we'll finally have a unified theory and the formula for cold fusion.

So we all get to talking about how the party shouldn't end with cake and run off, leaving the happy couple to do... whatever happy couples do. We meet at my house, then run off to try to kidnap a former friend turned workaholic, who was also once very smart but now is just a workaholic. Does computer stuff, makes lots of money, still lives with his parents, go figure. He didn't want to come with us, said his mom had been in an accident. Whatever! Screw you, hippie! We leave.

We go out to eat. And drink. We go back to another friend's house, watch porn (first time for 3 girls in the room! can you imagine?), play a game, and get smashed. By then a heavy fog had settled in and the roads were bad, so the big portion of us opted to just crash there. I wasn't going to, but then I was offered a real bed to sleep in as opposed to a couch. And that was that. There was a lot of catching up to do in our little group, with everyone being in school or not in school or working or living away or gay now or not at all changed. In many ways I'm closer to these people now than I ever was in high school, I don't seem to remember having friends in high school, but they sure come out of the woodwork now.

So that was my tale for the day, in two days I'll be back at school, living my life again seperate from all these people. Maybe I have friends there I won't know about for four years, too. It's funny how everything works out.
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