Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Laptop IV: A New Hope

So I call the Kansas City apple store today to ask about how long it normally takes powerbooks to come in, because I just (as in, 2.5 weeks ago) ordered one. The lady was like, "Well the shipping time can be up to four weeks. Did they give you a tracking number?" No, I say, I can't track it because it never shipped. She tells me that I should have a web order ID, even if I got it from a store, that I can use to check this daily.

So I call my store and say I want my bloody ID, and she's like, "Okay, not sure what you can do with this but I'll give it to you." I get my ID, register on, check my order status within seconds, and it's "open" with an estimated ship date of 10/29.

All facinating information. We'll see what it says on 10/29. I won't have to wait long.

For the record, I have been investigating other laptop solutions, but this has only confirmed my idea that the powerbook was the right move. I want something really small and light and wireless and the prices all even out when you get up there... it's life. I'll deal.

In other news, I got a sleater-kinney CD in the mail (call the doctor) and it's put me in a spectacular mood all day. I listened to it on my headphones at work. I haven't had a new CD in a long time, so I'd been borrowing ones from coworkers to listen to, and everyone at work has such safe music. Know what I mean by that? Dave Matthew's Band. Hootie and the Blowfish. It's nice background music, but eventually it makes me feel like a zombie.

alrighty then, gotta eat a salad and run. bye!
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