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am I going too far?

So my sister decided she wanted to make a fun star pillow for her bed and we've been hitting up fabric stores around town to find cheap cute fabric. So far no luck, my sister isn't like I am, I only sew to save money, she goes in and falls in love with stuff that's $9 a yard, meaning we could buy a ready made pillow for cheaper, but oh well. Anyway at this one store, I find 6 yards of this incredible pale gray fabric- kind of soft, sweade-like but a bit lighter than that. $1.50 a yard, it's in the remnant bin. I buy it all.

Take it home and think of inspiration when it hits me that it's time to cloak myself - yes, a cape, with a hood, and some sort of fastener at the neck I haven't gotten yet. I set to work and in about 5 hours I've got it and it looks great, very costume, very soft, very... elfish. mmm. Over the white tunic I use for my princess leia costume (stop laughing) it looks great, i'm a wandering forest creature, I have healing powers and immortal life.

I'm a freak now! But it was all for $8. That's what sewing is about.

I am strangly happy, sometimes, doing domestic type things. As much as I am a feminist, I admit that someone in the world should sew, cook, and clean things. I'm okay with all those. I'm not the best cook, I admit, but it makes me happy, and I'm a kind of person who likes eating so I have no choice but to do some cooking every so often.

I'm cloaked as I type this. Time to disappear into the woods again.
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