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writing, buying, death and taxes

I want to do nanowrimo but I'm so chicken. I mean, I read about it every year, always really want to do it, even almost had an idea in 2001 or so, but it never happened. maybe this is my year? I kinda have an idea about some characters I'd like to write about, but it's been so long since I wrote fiction I think it could kill me. I'm afraid anything I write now will sound like an FAA certification report.

I also really want to buy a laptop computer. I'm lusting over them... I went to the apple store today and looked at different sizes and debated whether I really needed a backlit keyboard or bluetooth (what's bluetooth used for these days, anyway?). Then I went to CompUSA and looked at other laptops, but they all look like crap compared to the apple ones. They're big and bulky and stupid.

If I had a laptop, I'd be able to write a novel in a month, because I could write anywhere! And I could sit on my porch and write, or sit in a cafe and write, and maybe meet cool other trendy cafe people, and be admired and respected. and i'd have a sexy laptop!

I'd basically have to make payments on it though, which is sort of amusing, because my car loan is down to about nothing so I'm just transitioning... car payments, computer payments. hmm...

oh well. watched CSPAN last night (I know!), they were showing a debate between presidential candidates from the green, socialists, consitution, and libertarian parties. The green party guy is cool this year... I don't agree with what all he said, but he's smart as hell. The socialists are crazy and weird. The constitution party is crazy, weird, and scary... they're like, all for the constitution, except for that "separation of church and state" part. I don't get it. and of course, Michael Badnarik is a genius.

I got to talking with a friend's parents over the weekend about politics, and the conversation went to taxes. Kerry says he won't raise taxes on middle class families, but he didn't say he won't raise taxes on the middle class. He said that college tuition deductions and child tax credits would be increased to keep middle class families at the same rate. For yours truly, with no children to credit, I'll just have to pay higher taxes.

So my friends parents were like, "You realize, you know, that you make more than a lot of families in this nation?" Yes, I do. And for this reason I try to give to charities and do good work and boycott companies that keep poor people down (*cough* wal-mart *cough*). But I really don't feel like I should be morally obligated to pay higher taxes. That money doesn't go to poor people... some does, yes, but most of it goes to the military, corporate welfare, bullshit research grants, and the NATIONAL DEBT that the feds got themselves into.

so yeah, I have problems when I think a politician wants to raise my taxes. It's true that I'm not poor and that I have what I need and if my taxes did go up, I wouldn't exactly starve in the street. But the money would go towards something much, much, MUCH more productive... like helping apple employees stay employed, helping amnesty international free more political prisoners.

I will never, ever feel like I "should" be paying more taxes, or that a politician's tax cut was a mistake. It's insane what they take from us. I pay higher taxes than I do rent, and it's mostly to pay for the fed's mistakes. fuck that, I'm voting libertarian.

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