Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

lust & the dark side.

Took my sister to see LOTR again. Damn I love that movie. Totally makes up for the constantly dissapointing Star Wars I-III trilogy, which I defend to the death out of respect for what Star Wars is, but deep down inside I wish I hadn't ever had to defend it. Maybe Lucas will take a clue from the success of LOTR and use, I dunno, actors in his next production instead of props with lines. I mean, I want to take Legolas home with me and make him my personal man-archer/slave type thing, not the actor, no, Legolas himself. Ears and all. mmmm.

Seeing the movie again got me thinking about Classic Signs You're The Evil Guy. Because let's face it, in the battle of good vs. evil, each side is going to tend to think it's the good one, right? So here's some ways to tell if the side you're on is the wrong one:

1) You're most powerful at night
2) All your servants are either faceless or really freaking ugly
3) You don't seem to sleep
4) You never get the pretty girl

If these describe you, you're either evil or a software engineer. Hey, look at that! Heh, no offense to you C++ programmers out there...

In other news, I'm playing with my birdies today, there're terribly cute.
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