Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

rock the vote

I've been helping a group with voter registration, and several times I've approached people asking if they're registered to vote and if they'd like a reminder and they're like, "No. What's the point? I hate Bush and Kerry."

Okay people, if you hate both presidential candidates and don't want to vote for either of them, then don't vote for either of them, I don't care. I especially don't care in Kansas, where Kerry has a snowball's chance in hell of getting our four electoral votes.

But there are like 20 other offices up for grabs where this is a point to do something big and make a change and people just don't care enough to pay attention. Okay, so the guys running for congress in our district haven't exactly been profiled on CSPAN and MTV... that doesn't mean it's not an important election. It's very important. What's also important is all the Kansas state house and senate races.

elections don't just come around every four years, and they're not just for the president.
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