Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

yawn, stretch

ever just drop something out of your routine and forget to pick it back up again? yeah, that was me and reading livejournal friends. I just got to thinking today about what's going on with the high school friends, and I was like, "Hell, I used to read their journals, like a month ago."

Last night I left the office at a reasonable hour then I went to the club and worked out, and that was it. I was home by 7:00. Every other night this week it's been after 9. I wanted to watch track and field but sitting on the couch I just couldn't move, then I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I hit the "rec" button just in case and I know I was sleeping by 9:30. The whole week just sort of ran me down. (if my mother is reading this: yes, I am taking vitamins.)

Meanwhile, my websites ran my host down, for the last time. Yes, I've been asked to find a new web host for (and advicenators, and three other websites I'm running on there)... the current company can't deal with me anymore. so I'm on the move. I can't get my *own* server, per se, I have no time to learn apache and install my own security patches and that crap. So I need to find somebody that'll give me 75-100GB of bandwidth a month at some semi-affordable price. It shouldn't be too painful, but I have to research. I've found some good deals, but still need to read some reviews and try to find out who offers the best support. good times!

I started differential equations and it's kinda cool so far. The homework hasn't been oppressive, there are lots of nice people in the class. The professor doesn't speak very good english, that's the only bad thing about the class so far. I'm catching about every other word. Sometimes if he uses the same word several times in different sentences I can start to figure something out, and there's always the after-class bitch session with the other students where we exchange ideas about what the hell he's talking about. the text is good. yup, this semester will be interesting.

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