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When I was in the fourth grade, our teacher decided to let the class set up the list of "class rules". In an effort to make good use of the offer, kids thought up all kinds of restrictions, and they weren't fun. No "Everyone must wear plaid on Thursdays" or anything, it was mostly regurgitated rules we'd always had (no hats, no gum) because we all just knew what a class rule list was supposed to contain.

then someone said that when the teacher was teaching, no one should ever be allowed to get up out of his or her seat. I loved getting up out of my seat while the teacher taught. I wasn't disruptive, I'd just get up and go throw something away, or pick up something off the floor, I don't even know, I just liked to get up. I was a weird kid, I've never tried to sugar-coat that little fact. I was irked about the getting-up rule. I tried to convince the class that sometimes, a kid just needs to stand up to do something. Go open the door for someone standing outside, maybe? The teacher had never told me that getting up was an issue.

maybe that's when I became a libertarian. I was like nine.

The kids weren't getting graded on what they put on the class rules list. They just wanted to add rules. I decided to fight the power. I don't remember if I won or not. I think maybe I lost, but then kept getting out of my seat anyway, because the class rules were there for decoration and weren't ever really enforced or even remembered.

BUT I digress... advicenators has surpassed in terms of membership, and the members there are also young, mostly 14-17 I think although I've never looked up the stats. I started up a discussion forum for the moderators to talk about site issues, and the biggest, first thing they've done is suggest a ton of new rules. We should be pre-approving every advice columnist. We shouldn't allow patterned backgrounds, music, shoutboxes or surplus images. Topics should be combed for questions that don't qualify.

How is it that in America, land of the free and home of the brave, our children love rules so much? It's such a mature idea, it seems, that we should let people run free and make their own mistakes. Is it that parents are restrictive and so children want to restrict something too for that sense of control? Are we raised to believe that rules are so important? Do we just all yearn for more power, and power requires rules?

if I ran all my websites myself (which I don't... but that's another entry in itself) I know there'd be a lot more complaints about how we need more restrictions, need to ban more people and filter out more words. I usually pick moderators who are more hardcore than I am, and focus on keeping them reigned in afterwards. it's just funny to examine the sociology of it all. I see people on my forum type "f**k" when they're always perfectly welcome to use fuck, it's not filtered out.

conformity, I guess.
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