Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

controversy at home

We have this group in Kansas who, in an effort to keep separation of church and state safe, is visiting churches and recording services to make sure churches aren't endorsing political candidates. And it's getting a LOT of bad press.

I have to admit, when the gay-rights fight started up I wasn't sure where to stand on this issue either. As a Christian, fighting against any church, no matter how backwards, feels wrong. But then I figured that if Jesus flipped over tables in a synagogue when things weren't going right, maybe we do have a responsibility to let churches know when we disagree with their mission of integrating church and state.

The fundamentalists are going nuts about how mainstream coalition is trying to "scare" them into not taking political stance. No, they're just trying to keep the laws in check. Then they're accused of trying to limit free speech. No. A church can be as political as it wants to, endorse any candidate, support any law, but it can't keep its cushy tax-exempt status. You're not non-profit when you go political, those are the rules, those have always been the rules.

so I say go mainstream coalition.
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