Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

congratulations matt & jean!

heanie's wedding was a blast - best wedding I've been to in forever, everybody said so. her family had been working on wedding stuff for a YEAR AND A HALF (I think) so we all thought it'd darn well better be good, and hey, no one was dissapointed. the DJ let the preliminary stuff drag on a bit before people could just hit the dance floor but in the end there was plenty of time to get down and shake our groove thangs. the food was good, I saw people I haven't seen in ages, I danced with many girls' boyfriends (yes!) and many girls themselves for that matter (more yes!) and drank wine made heanie's mom promise me that if I married her son (the ever fun-loving fire_hazzard, who taught me HTML when I was 17) I could have a wedding like this too.

I got back a little after midnight and am up at 6 a.m. - that's just been me this week. I wake up before my alarm now. Also get tired right around 10:30, it's crazy. Makes it easy to get up for work. I've never been able to sleep in, even on days like this when I could use the sleep and don't have much to do here anyway.

yawn. hey, i'm on vacation now, yippee!
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