Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

"reliable hosting" is an oxymoron

I just got some SPAM: Hi, do you need hosting? [insert url] Our casual plan should be perfect for your needs. If you're worried about reliability, we've been around since April 2003.

14 months... that's what I call reliability! Egads. the hosting world sucks, I'll be the first to say it. people are worried about reliability, because so much of it is so fleeting. but unless you're really weird your best bet would be to avoid this lovely topic in your advertisments. it all kinda reminds me of the time the feds decided to crack down on companies using "lite" and "low-fat" on labels, when really they weren't all that much more lite or low-fat... it's still ICE CREAM, keep trying folks.

I don't usually talk birthdays in my journal, but jutecat, sparksandclocks, and tolkien_is_cool are all celebrating birthdays today (yes, today!) and it's not often I get three on the same day who are on my friends list and whose names I actually recognize (not to say I don't love all my lj friends, but it's getting more common for me to hit the friends link and think, "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?") So happy birthday you cool people who share a birthday!
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