Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

putting things back in cardboard

the move didn't happen.

lesson to anyone moving into a new apartment, or for that matter, anywhere. nothing is certain until you get your keys, finish your walk through and accept the agreements. It was raining yesterday morning, so I decided not to load up my car with boxes. Good thing, because when we got there our apartment-showing person had been let go and replaced with some new lady, who went back on pretty much every agreement we'd made with the old one.

For example, we were told that if we signed a twelve month lease and one roommate bailed (a strong possibility, since the girl I was moving in with is facing some sudden uncertain job situations) the other roommate could take over the lease, move into a one bedroom with no transfer fee, and live out the rest of the 12 months happily ever after. not so, we were told Saturday, ready to spend the day loading and unloading. We'd have to pay the penalties of breaking the lease, there were no "transfers" in the middle of one, it'd just cost us several thousand dollars and that's that.

f that. The woman told us she'd call her manager and see if maybe we could get the deal we'd been promised, but it couldn't be until monday. So we went our separate ways, agreeing that if this fell through, we weren't going to live together. She's just too scared about her job.

On a whim, I went back to my old apartment and asked if they'd rented my place out yet. They hadn't. I called my roommate and asked if she had a plan, if it was okay for me to just stay where I'm at, and she said it was fine. So I told them I wanted to stay. They asked if I wanted to sign another lease, and I said going month to month worked out a lot better, and they said they were running a special and would cut my rent $25 if I signed on for a six month.

well, heck!

so, for at least the next six months and probably more, I will not be a prestigious wichita east sider. I'll stay right where I'm at. I felt a little better then - I'd been all depressed, but signing the new lease was happy. I got in my car and went out. I haven't shopped for a month, thinking I was going to move. I went down the street to the salvation army store. I live close to lots of thrift stores. Not sure what that says about the neighborhood but I love them, I love seeing all the people shopping and appreciating used stuff instead of over-commercialized Old Navy or Pottery Barn reproductions. I watched these two college kids pick out a couch. I felt pretty good.

sometimes life takes you places and other times you don't go anywhere at all. that's when you realize that sometimes, it's not so bad to just relax, stay home, and put your own books back on the shelves.
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