Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

good, bad, ugly

For all of you who couldn't stand advicenators because all the questions sucked, I've been adding more filter features lately. For instance, this page shows only questions with "good" ratings asked by people 18 and over. The could be hope for the little site, yes?

after work today i meant to go running, but then i saw that i had doritos. mmmm. i got to thinking about exercised i could do while eating doritos and it was just so darn thought-provoking I forgot to run. yeah. i've been stressed lately.

i got laughed at at work because i voiced my opinion about the fact that when people have a big meeting and make a decision about something together, some random manager shouldn't be able to fly in out of nowhere and screw everything up by disagreeing. apparently this isn't how corporate america works. silly me.
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