Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

getting into the weekend

good day! in the morning i woke up and went with roommate to scope out final living location selections. we made our decision and signed up, it's great! i'm excited. found out her birthday is one day before mine, same year and everything. weird, huh? we also both use the same bank and cell phone company, and have the same cell phone (rings are set differently, good thing). we're going to get along well. I'm also happy because my rent will be going DOWN and I'll have lots more space to live in - a bigger kitchen, a finished basement, a place to finally hook up a washer and dryer. yayness!

after that i came back to my apartment and sort of dozed off in front of the tv watching some program about modern art. woke up and realized I had to make something of the day, so I went to get this oil painting framed. i bought it like a month ago. i feel good, the guy at the frame store gave me a really good price and had a lot of ideas and suggestions. to celebrate i went and bought some clothes and got some bookends at ten thousand villages and finally had a salad at panera bread, because i'd really wanted to go there on my birthday but wasn't able to with my abbreviated thursday lunch break.

speaking of birthdays, thank you everyone for the happy wishes thursday, I didn't get to respond to everyone! and thank you to magicwoman, parcimony and alliiya for sending e-cards!

I got the mail that day and there were two big envelopes so of course I was like, "ye-ah birthday cards for meeee!" the first one was from my mom. the second wasn't a birthday card at all, it was just heanie getting married. stank. okay, just kidding, it was a beautiful wedding invitation... just a bit misleading, that's all. I just realized I never did go check my PO box. that might be smart.

OKAY, but I was writing about my day... I went back home and organized some bills and thought about how the hell I'm going to move all this crap to a new apartment. the plan right now seems to be "rent a u-haul and bribe some friends" - since i've helped all of them move, I don't mind so much.

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