Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Web hits, slashdot, and love

spent lots of time interneting today, so here are some thoughts from across the WWW.

my slashdot karma is up to 49. Almost at the limit! Almost! Once I have 50, I will be... special! only gets visitors when I post something smart on slashdot. So I've got that incentive too. Our poll this week is on microprocessors... cyrix, yummy. Okay, I'm going to admit to all of you that chyx didn't quite take off like I thought it would, but as a professional web designer I always tell my clients it takes at least six months for a web site to even start getting off the ground, and it hasn't been six months yet. So I'm sticking it out. Me and the one other posting member.

My sister is addicted to neopets. What the hell is wrong with all these people? This site is insane. gets 200 unique visitors a week. What the hell is wrong with those people?

In the real world: tomorrow, dave gets here for a quick visit. yeah! I keep getting this flashback to last Christmas break when I was working in the mall and my disposable contacts were needing disposed, so I called him up and asked if, on his way through KC, he could bring me a new pair from my room. He did. And of all the things that happened over that Christmas break, that was one of the better ones. It's a fast moment in my memory, there were a million shoppers that day demanding my attention at the exact time he stopped in to drop them off, but I remember thinking how good he looked. He just looked good, I'd been sick all week, my eyes felt awful, people were going nuts everywhere, the store was falling apart, and in the middle of this was a friend, my best friend. We're more to each other now, but I still don't think anyone else has made me feel that way, like the world can be as awful as it wants but in the middle of it all is someone who cares about me and will prove it with a smile, a hug, and a pair of fresh contact lenses.

Alright, I that's my rant for today.

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