Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

everybody's feelings

I showed up late for church today and stuck in the back, on the side of the sanctuary that I don't usually sit on. When we greeted one another I realized I was sitting in the gay section. I mean, of course the gay people sit in various places, it's not like we designate rows for straight people or anything, it's just that they tend to sit in a cluster, there were like thirty of them. I realized today that while most everyone shakes hands to greet one another, they hug a lot more.

it proved to be a good day to sit there because the sermon was on how Jesus made several statements to different people about how the path of grace was wide enough for them, and you don't have to be an upper-middle class white republican to get into heaven. We should turn to the Bible for reassurance of our salvation. Maybe turn to friends. Whatever happens, don't turn to the Wichita Eagle opinion pages. Lately, many concerned citizens of Wichita have written in to imply that if Jesus were here, He'd definately support school vouchers but stand against putting flouride in the city water (because we all know Satan lurks in flouride) and He'd be against those commercials for the RiverFest that featured the multi-colored fish that looked tripped out on acid (I read that one, I'm not making it up).

It sounds bad, but I love the opinion pages of the Wichita Eagle. People are insane, yes, but they're so certain and vocal, and get pissed off by the most random things. Statues. Fireworks. Road construction. I guess I like seeing that passion that goes on with everyone, good or bad. I'm thinking of getting the paper just for that - I don't get it now, sometimes people at work bring one in, and I read the Friday section and buy the Sunday papers for the coupons.

i'm supposed to be studying for my final right now. i turned my computer off for a good four hours and just tried to focus and work but it's very very difficult. Impossible, to tell the truth.
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