Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Presents: to give and receive

I finished my Christmas shopping today. Yes, today, on what I guess is Christmas Eve Eve Eve or something like that - I went to the mall in the morning (early!) and considered staying until the afternoon when I could get a fair price for my parking place but that would have been a waste of time, I promised mum I'd come home to put decorations on the Christmas tree. Yesterday I spent two hours putting lights on it, it was an interesting time. Usually Dad does that, he strings last year's lights all over the house, replaces certain bulbs with radio shack flashing replacement bulbs of some sort, curses because he doesn't know if they're 2.5V or 5V or 7V or whathaveyou while mom asks why he doesn't just open the brand new boxes we've got and put those on the tree to save the headache. Nonsense! Well, I found out I inherited the same stupid gene, I was determined to have strands of blinking lights using the bags of replacements Dad's bought over the years because, dammit, it just makes sense.

Other news: my friend Margaret's annual christmas/hanukka/soltice/ramadan/kwanza party was last night. As part of the tradition everyone brings a white elephant give of no more than $5 to trade in a fun crazy gift exchange. One year, I got a pack of playing cards with naked fat ladies on them - huge, bulging nasty women with folds of fat hanging off of places I didn't know fat grew. It was nice. But this year's gift beat that by far. I brought a Pretty Princess Dress Up Set with studded tiara and matching earings - Sarah's boyfriend (also a marine, huhm) got that one. In return I got a Macintosh SE. Yes you heard right - the biggest and maybe the most worthless gift at the party went home with yours truly when I traded my 2002 Jeopardy day-by-day calendar to the other Sarah for it. And it boots! It came complete with the mouse, the keyboard, and even a power cable (probably the most valuable part of the thing). The start-up screen is a picture of a topless woman in all her black and white CGA glory - yes! It has a brick knockout game on it, Aldus PageMaker, MacWrite, and a program that makes oscar the grouch pop out of the trash can and thank you every time you empty it. It has 1MB of system memory. As much as I laugh at it, I have to admit it gets my award for being 1) the smallest computer I own 2) the quietest computer I own 3) the computer with the fastest start up/shut down time I've ever seen and 4) best naked lady start-up screen.

I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for yet (besides a paperweight, of course). It's got a screensaver, maybe it can just look pretty all the time. Maybe I'll paint it. But I officially have owned a macintosh computer in my lifetime now, I hope all of you mac geeks out there are happy.

Question: The Macintosh SE is obviously worth less than $5 now - for the prize, what was it worth in 1990 when it was made?

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