Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


I could spend all day in my underwear watchin Earnest Goes To Camp

yeah, I called in sick. well not really called in... I got up, felt like shit but made myself go to work anyway, left and went to class, and didn't come back. I had a sore throat yesterday and it's just gotten worse and worse. I sound really bad. I ache all over. I'm really wishing the asprin would kick in about now.

I could be at work, I suppose, but there are different schools of philosophy on this. It hurts to look at the computer screen because my eyes are dry. It hurts to sit up in a chair. I could make my fellow coworkers sick; they really hate that.

So, yup, that's my day... sitting here watching bad tv wondering things like, "How can those people just be walking around? that looks painful."


I hope this is one of those 24-hour bugs.

good news though... last night I was at my fave CD store when this idea popped into my head, "sleater-kinney!!!" and guess what? they had one-beat, the very album i've had my eye on since forever but i was sure i'd have to order it online! so i have a new cd to listen to. it's punk rock, not very good "i'm sick" music, but i'm sure i'll appreciate it eventually. i haven't bought riot grrrl type stuff since bikini kill broke up. i'm so dated.

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