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the dentist

I went to the dentist today. It's been a little over a year since I last went to one, and the reason for this is that I just don't trust dentists. It's not pain I don't like, it's that "I'm little more than a terribly educated car repairman" feeling, they can tell you that you need all sorts of things and you're just supposed to go with it, they can try to convince you that you must have your teeth whitened.

So three weird things happened at this dentist, so weird that I feel the need to write about them and ask for opinions.

1) I have a cavity I've never had one before. I'm not saying I'm above cavities or anything, they happen, I could very well have one, but I don't feel anything and didn't feel anything, even with all the poking and pressing and stuff that happens while having teeth cleaned. I was not shown x-rays, even though they took a ton of them (which also makes me uncomforable, I have this thing about it, don't ask). I was not told which tooth it was exactly. I'm just supposed to go in next wednesday for a (not very cheap) filling. Yes, he said the cavity was very small, but fillings somehow cost the same no matter what size the cavity is.

2) Wisdom teeth They asked me if I had thought about having my wisdom teeth removed. I had one come in, it's not a big deal, I don't get bored on the weekends or anything so I didn't see a reason to do it. They were like, "Well, some people just find it hard to brush that far back."

Is there something I don't know about wisdom teeth? I knew people who had theirs removed, and it wasn't a terribly exciting experience that I hated missing out on myself. I mean hell, the toenail on my little toe is really hard to paint, I'm not having the toe cut off. Is this weird or what?

3) The social security number I get a message a few hours later from an office worker saying she can't read my social security number, could I please call back and give it over the phone? If no one's there, I can just leave it on the answer machine at the office.

WTF? FIRST of all, I never ever give my ssn over the phone. I don't like giving it, period, the whole thing makes me very uncomfortable. I sure as hell am not about to just leave it on an answering machine. Are these people nuts?!

So I'm thinking, I don't want to go back there next wednesday for this cavity I might have. Maybe I'm being way nuts and paranoid, but this whole thing just feels weird.
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