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so my DVD player crapped out and died. In case you're wondering, it's a Samsung DVD-P231. It's very sleek looking. Has some nice features. Lasted almost nine months. Yes, this is the one I bought May 20, 2003, I remember this clearly because it was my birthday and I wanted to buy myself a present. maybe I'll get myself another DVD player for my next birthday, huh?

It's been kinda going downhill... skipping really terribly, stopping, not loading stuff. I bought the fancy "lazer" lense cleaning kit and everything and nothing helped. Good thing is that Best Buy was able to print out a copy of my receipt based on my purchase date and the fact that I still had the credit card... go best buy! I usually keep all receipts but this one was sucked into a black hole, darn it all.

So it's at an authorized Samsung repair shop in town being fixed on their bill. One year warrently. sw00ty, I hope.

Was looking for troubleshooting tips on the internet and kept running across angry rants by owners of similar DVD players. How come I couldn't find these when looking for reviews? Note to self: when buying electronics, don't search for "reviews", search for "i'm pissed as hell" + brand name.

7-10 days with no DVD player. My $20 monthly netflix fee will be well spent in february, huh?

they just don't make 'em like they used to.

In other news, I've been doing my federal income taxes and got to thinking about refunds. I was raised to believe that tax refunds are BAD... all it means is that your hard-earned money has been trapped in a 0% interest savings account all year. Others disagree. What gives? So because I LOVE polls, here's my one for today. If you're not an American, I guess take the poll if your tax system is a little like ours... I'm not going to explain it or anything.

Getting a really big income tax refund:


What's worse?

Having to pay a little
Getting a lot back

Do you think it'd be funny if, while filing by telephone, the voice reading off your refund amount was that of George W. Bush?

Yes, that'd make it much more fun!
Enough polling Spacefem, please go do your state taxes now.

But then senate minority leader Tom Daschle could read off the taxes you pay in!

Celebrity telefile! What could be cooler!?
I can't believe they gave Spacefem the right to vote.
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