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8 Great Things

Yes, it's that time again - when I'm so happy about life in general that the only way to express my feelings is in a brief list entitled 8 Great Things.

1. I GOT AN A IN SENIOR DESIGN FOR THE SEMESTER! Holy shit. Yes, I said shit. I was sure that class would be the end of me, now I'm sure they got my grade confused with someone else's, but either way my GPA will love me for it.

2. Might get this for Dad - it's a micro ATX board with onboard audio/vidio and (get this) and AGP slot just in case we need to upgrade. I'm finding that's rare. So this is a good thing.

3. has been re-designed, and I actually like the design this time. What's more, the articles section has been restored.

4. It's the end of the semester and everyone is leaving.

5. As they leave, they unplug their computers, which brings me that much closer to having my own personal T1

6. Christmas

7. Made the cutest space alien door decs for my residents next semester! All different colors, all cute and alien-looking - I'm so creative :)

8. Got a thing of peanut butter cups from my hall director for Christmas - she rocks. Peanut butter cups are the best food in the Universe, if you disagree with me don't bother posting it here, I'll only lose respect for you.

That's my happy life! Yeah!
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