Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Need to advertise anything?

I'm adding some features to the ad program for 88x31 banners:

My site gets a nudge over 3000 unique visitors per day and you'll be on every page except the forums, so it's a pretty good deal. I'm asking for $10 for four months. I'm only accepting ten sites into the program for now.

I do have a free pool if you just want your banner up there and don't care if it's not seen all that much... I'm only accepting personal sites for it but it's a nice way to get a little exposure.

All of you who gave me crap for putting really annoying pop-up ads on memes: this is your chance to prove that there are other ways to pay server costs! I'd love nothing more than to get rid of those pop-ups but I haven't had much success with anything else in the past... I'm hoping that by publicizing some real statistics I'll be able to build some interest and pay my server cost in a nice, happy way.
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