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So my website is down again for bandwidth issues. It's frustrating... I mean, I really like my web host because they're nice and have done a great job of working with me during some tough times, but I get frustrated with their inability to just "roll with it". They just paralyze me every time I get to the bandwidth limit even though I've said several times that I'd be willing to just pay for the extra... each time it works out, but not without a few hours downtime. I do not like downtime. I need to be very direct about this, I think.

Oh well. So.

I found this nice blue suit at Dillard's Monday, took it home and did my best to lengthen the sleeves and it's nice. Not cheap, but it looks nice. I've been trying to wear more suits lately. I've also been learning, through experience, how to inspect tailored clothing to make sure it's alterable. A lot of suits have button sleeves with these cross-cut corners that result in a chunk of fabric missing when you take out the sleeve hemming... I didn't know that until a time last year when I bought a jacket and tried to take it somewhere to be altered. Luckily I had taken that one somewhere so the woman was a professional and was able to fix it back so I could return it... that could have been an expensive lesson if I'd tried to do that myself.
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