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computers and people

So I heard another story about musicians striking because some of them are being replaced by computers. It's happening somewhere in Europe now; before it was broadway.

I might be insensitive here but why are musicians exempt from the possibility of being replaced by computers? The rest of us in the world have had to learn new skills all the time and adapt to the changing world to stay valuable. The more automated tasks have become, the higher the quality of life has been. Look at America, we have computers doing all sorts of things, and generally speaking we're all doing much better than those countries without all the technology.

Factory workers totally freaked out once upon a time (still are) about computers taking their positions... but they somehow survived.

I even see engineers in my own department complaining about it. Some new program will come out that makes our job much faster and all I hear is, "They want to get it so automatic that they don't even need us... they want to be able to hire monkeys to do our jobs." These are the same engineers who complain about being overworked because we're understaffed. Do they not see the connection?

You know what? If I find out my job can be done by a computer, I'm not going to fight it, I'm going to let it happen. I don't want to do jobs that can be done by computers anyway... they're boring and automatic. I want to do creative, new, interesting things with my mind... things computers can't do, that's the point. I want the computers to do the stuff I don't care about, because I'm not just working so I can get in my eight hours a day and take a paycheck at the end of the week, I'm also working because I enjoy contributing to society in my own unique way.

Maybe Broadway won't be the same when all the musicians are synthesizers. Maybe movies won't be the same when all the actors are CG. But who the hell cares? Let's let the consumers decide that... let us pay for what we want to see, and if we can't afford to pay everyone in that orchestra than that's how it is. Go do something else and get over the fact that your job can be automated... stop being so superior. If you're really that good people will pay to hear you perform, that's how you should make a living, because people want to hear you. Not because you told everyone you'd take all your friends and block the entrances if they tried anything else.
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