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I feel like I'm constantly fighting the RSS feeds to keep them valid. Any weird quirk renders the whole xml file useless, and the livejournal validator is even picker than some online validators I check stuff with. Ugh.

I rented "singin' in the rain" from netflix. I love it. I've watched it twice already. I love the colors and the happy perky people, I love the completely random song and dance numbers that people just break into. I love that the smart girl wins in the end. There aren't enough movies these days where the smart girl wins in the end and stays cool throughout, so when I do see one I really appreciate it. Give her love, give her happiness, but for heaven's sake don't take anything away from her that we loved in the beginning. I'm so sick of lifetime movies and crap featuring more miserable women. I mean, who wants to watch that? I'd rather watch more cool girls like me, who have an interesting career and ambition and sense in addition to hot male stage performers worshipping them all day.

(Keep in mind during all these entries that I've been reading Backlash and it's really effecting me)

In other news we made carmel truffle coffee at work today just for fun. It's quite the afternoon pasttime... breaking out the secret stash of good coffee and making a pot of it instead of the office Folger's. You can smell it when you walk by the breakroom. I didn't used to drink coffee in the afternoon, but I've had to lately because, well, it's just so darn good. Last week once somebody had rasberry chocolate or something. It was yummy too. Coffee is the best stuff ever.
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