Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

update from konqueror 3.1.4

So I re-installed Linux. Things didn't really go as planned... I wanted to upgrade SuSE 7.2 to 9.0 with no problems, but the update didn't quite work correctly because there was a kernel issue that prevented my sound modules from loading and I couldn't mount my windows partition. When I ran the web update, it screwed up the whole system so terribly that I couldn't get to anything or even repair the system so I had to just format and install from scratch. I didn't lose my data or anything, it's all on my other partition, but at least my sound works now and everything is smooth. KDE 3 is very pretty... I'll have to get some screenshots up later. My screensaver works, that's new and weird, I never could get it to turn on before. Need to test out fonts, that was always an issue, and burn a CD... there's software to do that here, real software, not some 0.X xcdroast downloaded on a whim. I'm not the best Linux user but I will say that every year it feels like Linux gets closer to working for me more that I get closer to working for Linux.

Oh, and for some strange reason my boot loader is running off my hard drive now. How revolutionary! Me and like four geeks couldn't get LILO running from anywhere but a floppy disc two years ago. The weirdest stuff goes on when you re-install.

Recent days have been pretty productive. I'm trying to quit spending money. It just flows out around the holidays so easily, you know? I kept going shopping and just buying whatever. Bad habit.

Was supposed to go to a friend's house last night to watch the K-State game but felt antisocial so I laid around here and watched it. Bummer of a game anyway. I'm kinda glad I wasn't hanging out with a bunch of K-Staters watching that one, they were really disapointing.

[edit] yes, every font in the world works! go x.

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