Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


I officially have no voice. I stayed home from JL's party last night with the hope that I'd not get sick... the sore throat I'd had the past two days kept getting more painful. Then this morning I woke up and just flat out can't talk.

I need to go home. Get out of town, spend some time feathering the nest and not talking. I would have loved to have gone to mike's party tonight but what the hell good will it be now? I can't not talk. Seriously. I'd just strain myself to death and gesture frantically at people all night and probably make someone else sick which would suck. I don't really feel all that bad, which is nice because for a while I was afraid I'd caught my sister's death plague or whatever. But I'm coughing a lot. Uhg.

And so it seems that my time here has ended. My power is gone. I will diminish into the west, and remain Spacefem.
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