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Well, I officially went Christmas shopping today! Took my friend Lindsey with me to Joplin where I bought myself a new sweater. Yes, my season has started.

Second, rawbery79 touched on a subject recently that I felt like ranting on. Gas is cheap. Like, less than $.90 a gallon cheap. I'm sure most of the world is thrilled about this but I for one am not, okay? I ride my bike to the tech center every day for a reason. I think about fuel economy in cars I'm riding in for a reason. That reason is that fuel is a precious natural resource, and I don't care what my Dad's conservative talk-show radio hosts all say, it's not going to be around forever. Even if it is going to be around forever, doesn't anyone ever think about the fact that America, with something like 10% of the world's population, uses like 30% of the world's energy resources? I'll find the exact figure on that if anyone here is a stickler for truth.

So when gas is $1.80 a gallon those suburban yuppies sometimes think about what they're guzzling SUV's consume. Yeah, I know, some of them are so rich they don't care, but the majority of them at least think about it. I think about it too, but I drive a much smaller car so it doesn't hurt me quite as much, when I fill up during those times it costs $20 every 10 days or so, not $50 like those people.

In high school I was the only kid (you think i'm kidding but I'm not) who rode my bike to school. When an administrator came to my english class to give the there's-not-enough-parking-but-please-be-nice speach, I was the only one to ask if anyone had considered encouraging kids to drive less. Maybe get a fucking bike rack so I don't have to chain my bike to the fence in front of the football field. She looked at me like I'd introduced a totally new concept into the world that hadn't ever been thought of before. The other kids in my class just looked scared. That's what I'm talking about - it's not that most Americans don't care about energy conservation, it's just that the idea isn't even planted into most of their little heads. Wasting energy is a way of life, what's wrong with it? It's just how we live.

I'm not saying I'm better than everybody else. Or maybe I am. I dunno, screw me, I don't know what I'm saying, but I think $1.50 a gallon is the perfect price for gas and that's the point of that whole awful rant. Crumbs, now I've gone and blown my merry christmassy shopping mood.
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