Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

syndicated spacefem articles

I just love RSS now that I've got it all figured out and automated!


All articles, all the time. Topics include random things that go through my head, random things that go through the heads of my forum members, an article on feminism every friday (yes!) interviews with forum members and other facinating celebrities (once we interviewed Laura Podolnick of that's about as celebrity as we've gotten, hate to say it) and a whole lot more. I'm not sure if anyone will care or not, but if they do, it's here.

Oh, and feminist_otd is up to 64 watchers now too, so yay for LiveJournal and The Movement.

Quick note on syndicated accounts: If you are a free user, you might not be able to add spacefemdotcom to your friends list just yet. If you try to add it as a friend and are told you can't meet the "syndication cost" come back in a few days... as more people add it, the syndication cost goes down. Paid users should all be able to add it, and please do, because that'll help the free users get access.
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