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ghosts of my computer past

So I get this message from my sister last night, she's almost in tears saying her computer has officially bit the big one and nobody down there wants to help her and she's got a paper due. It's kinda funny how that works, because if memory serves me, that computer crashed (read: corrupted windows system files) on me twice in its happy life, both times at the end of a semester, right when papers were due. It's like it senses your stress and takes enough of it on itself to just die.


I told her if she wanted to re-install windows (a big step for my little sister) that would probably do it, but she needed to back everything up first. I think she may just give up. It's a shame because there are like 6 dormies using her computer to do stuff, no wonder it's stressed.

Her school is so messed up, they have computer labs but all the computers are just a weird Unix command line interface that she doesn't understand. The tech support people, when she called them, were just like, "We don't work on windows computers at all, sorry." My sister's response was that they were total retards because there were only two locations in the world where Unix was run: her crappy college and my computer. I can't believe these hippies would tell these windows-raised kids to use telnet via the command line to check their e-mail, they're giving Unix a bad name. I'm going to have to show her what my computer actually looks like (KDE with six desktops, each with their own unique beautiful background, all my artsy customized crud, ect.) for her to realize that good things can come out of Unix, namely Linux.

Other news: Sold some textbooks back yesterday and got a little over $75! Yeah! So now I can buy... stuff. I dunno what.

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