Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

got snow!

and it's about time, too. I was starting to think we'd be left out of every good storm. There's about 5-6 inches on the ground right now... most of it came down when I was at work Friday. We went out to lunch like we always do on Fridays and everything was fine, then we went inside and when we came out again our cars were buried in the work parking lot. Crazy! Luckily it was a light powdery snow that brushed off easily but there was a lot of it and it was really coming down so traffic was completely insane.

good things about snow: it's so pretty and exciting! I stayed up and watched it fall outside my window at night.

bad things about snow: I have grown-up things to do today, like driving and laundry. I can't drag my laundry out through the snow to where the washers are, that's a mess. Days like this I really think I need to splurge and get an apartment with washer/dryer connections. This is sort of a crisis laundry weekend too, I've been skipping out on it in recent weeks and I'm getting down to the drudges of my wardrobe, seriously.

but we got our snow! yay!
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