Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


I noticed that as of yesterday I am on 300 people's friends lists! YAY!

People on livejournal look at friends lists differently... some aren't thrilled with the idea of 300 random weirdos peering into their lives expecting attention back. I don't really look at it like that. Life is like an operating system... the happiest ones are bazaars, not a cathedrals, the more people you can get involved, the better. Should you expect attention back? Eh, if I notice someone commenting a lot I try to read their journal. I definately have filters set up all over the place and use the famous friends-poll method to set some of those up.

A few months ago I let my website members interview me, and one of my favorite questions had to do with what I like the most about life, and I can tell you it's stuff like this. Not always on the internet, in real life too, but things always get bigger and better. More books I've read, more movies I've seen, more airplanes delivered, more addresses, clothes, miles I've run, birthdays I've had. More new stuff. More excitement. And although I value the past a great deal, it's definately not what I live for, especially as I get older. I'm getting more into moving on and admitting I can't keep in touch with every friend or keep every book on the shelf right beside me. It's a small percent that gets retained but it's worth it. The universe is a huge but wonderful place and I'd take it over in a second if I could.
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