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time for things to happen

There's a reason I haven't been updating my journal much lately- my life is BORING! Yes, there I said it. I worked all last week on my paper for network systems, it got turned in today. I have one real final and it's tomorrow. Aside from that I'm leading a typical life. And for now I'm okay with that.

Today I'm listening to the Beatles and waiting for a guy in my statics class to call me so we can go over the take-home final together. Don't I just spend my whole life waiting on men?

I lost my planner. Yeah, I know, FLASH! But if I had to pick a week to lose my planner, this would be a good one, because as I've said before there's nothing happening and nothing scheduled to happen. I've looked all around the department and I'm pretty sure it's gone forever, so I guess that's one more thing for me to buy after Christmas.

So, since I'm doing nothing these days, I've made the following Christmas Break Resolutions, to all be completed before January 11, 2002:
1) Learn Perl
2) Read at least three books, not counting the perl one
3) See LOTR
4) Get along wonderfully with mother
5) Do excercise tape at least every other day
6) Find perfect room organization scheme
7) Do not gain weight
8) Get amazing haircut
9) Fix all computers in parent's house, including but not limited to Dad's old shitty Cyrix, Laura's formerly (but not anymore) perfect K6, and whatever else we drag into the mix over break.
10) develop Inner Poise (this is straight from Bridget Jones' Diary, which I constantly identify with. I think in british accents now)
11) Become Senior Design Project


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