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Feminist Of The Day

Okay, it's worked a couple days in a row now so I'm gonna publicize it some :)


I had so many people come to saying they needed to do a report on a feminist and couldn't think of one, that I decided I should build up a whole huge list of them. Then I thought it'd be fun to have the world read about them by featuring one every day. So I took all my names, put them in a database, made forms for my forum members to do research and fill in information about them, and so we have the Feminist Of The Day.

I defined "Feminist" as being anyone who supports the cause of women or inspires women to achieve more than what society expects them to... so in addition to the outspoken women's rights advocates, there are women in the database who got there for just being cool like that.

We're adding people all the time but now we're up to 146... that'll keep us going for a while. We didn't aim for adding complete biographical information, this is supposed to serve as a starting point for your own research.

I made little boxes that people could include on their web pages as javascript files but you can't include javascript in livejournals and such, so I made an RSS feed. My first! Took some time to get working properly, that's why you're hearing about it today.

Anyway, if you're a member of a feminist community I'd really appreciate it if you'd help get the word out... it's easier for free users to add a syndicated feed to their friends list if lots of people have it listed already.

And I'd definately love to hear suggestions for more names... I love my forum members but they're mostly high school students... very smart, but none of us are women's studies majors, you know? Some of the names are sorta borderline... yesterday was Joan of Arc, not really known as a feminist but tough enough, I guess. I've made up for it in this case... tomorrow is Kim Gandy, can you get any more feminist? Each day we try to feature a person who was born on that day, but if there isn't one we just pick a random person. Oh, and in case anyone *really* wants to help out, I'll let you into the development pages, you can get credit for what you add to the project and write all you want on anyone you want.

I'm babbling way too much about it now, my point is that if you want to learn about famous women, add feminist_otd as a friend.
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