Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

flaw 417B

my problem with livejournal is that I get these ideas in my head for lofty, insightful posts, and then sit down and don't feel so much like writing the lofty insightful post after all, so I write nothing. I need to accept the fact that just writing about the stupid little crap in my life is much more important, and that anything is better than nothing... that's what journalling is all about. so this post will not be lofty.

had a conversation with a coworker about personalities, because her group had taken some big test. she was a "dominant personality" apparently, and thought I might be too, but of course I thought otherwise. I mean, I don't need to dominate, I can do other things. Anyway, one of the thinks she said was that dominant people teach themselves to have this great initiative to jump in and start anything and get the project going, but that makes us really bad at finishing projects.

Now, in my mind I know that everyone is really bad at finishing projects, because most of those personality tests (corporate ones are just as bad as cheesy made up ones, I'm telling you) just say generic stuff that applies to everyone. But it's still freaking me out. I have like three sewing projects out right now. I can't even count how many half-written php scripts are residing in various folders on I have like five unwrapped bars of soap in my bathroom, for heaven's sake, because I can't even wait for one soap to get done with before unwrapping the next one.

it's really bad... I never thought about this before but now that I'm looking around I think I might be completely insane and abnormal, and worse yet, dominant... what a terrible word.
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