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javascript help

Web development forums are just more and more painful to read sometimes. People ask the most awful questions... "How can I fix the size of my text so no one can make it bigger or copy it or change the font or use their 'back' button or read anything or enjoy the internet anymore?" The internet is one big "just because you can doesn't mean you should" fest these days. jurassic park morality, as I call it.

It really does me good to rant about usability in my journal once a month, that's the reason for this post.

What sparked this, you ask? I've been trying to hunt down some javascript help. See, I've got this thing on my page that I'm going to have people copy, it looks like this:

<script language="JavaScript" SRC=""><SCRIPT>

And then I have file called code1.js (url change to protect work in progress, don't go looking for it), and I want it to print out the value of that "ted" variable. I tried just writing it, that did nothing. Then I tried a var ted ="&") , that also did nothing. The file prints out other stuff, so I know I'm including it right.

Cursed javascript. I think geocities and all those pages should enable server side includes so everyone can just link to my php source, but they won't, so this is where I'm at. And yes, I could have asked this question to a nice livejournal javascript help community, but I like my friends list better. I think it's bigger than half those communities and the people on it are smarter anyway.
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