Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

so it's Gary Nolan in 04?

Heard news today that a helicopter was shot down in Iraq killing 15 soldiers. And then there was this quote... "President Bush was at his Texas ranch, out of public sight Sunday. 'Our will and resolve are unshakable,' said a White House spokesman traveling with him."

Easy for him to say. He isn't scheduled to be in a helicopter over Iraq any time soon. Glad his resolve is just fine.

The thing is, the Iraq war makes some sense, sometimes. I cannot imagine how Americans in the generation before mine dealt with Vietnam. More deaths. Less sense. Our anger and frustration over the Iraq war is nothing compared to what they might have felt... I don't know how some of them survived. But that's another issue entirely.

The last four years has made me a liberal. I was libertarian before, because I was fairly certain that all parts of the government were equally screwed up. But the republicans have tipped the scale for just fucking up everything. Criminal acts by the nation's top business officials seem to go unpunished. Funding is cut for good domestic organizations to pay for a war whose costs reach up infinately. The Christian Right, growing more hostile and hypocritical every day, is constantly pandered to.

Eh, I guess Clinton tried to do the Kosovo thing, I definately can't say the democrats always killed people for the right reasons. It just wasn't on such a large scale then.

Okay, still libertarian.
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