Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


Updating after not updating in like four days yeilds sort of an awful feeling.

I am alive though. Friday night was fun, I went to my boss's halloween party. Yes, I wished I was in Kansas City at another certain halloween party, but it was impossible this year. Driving all the way to KC after work, partying, then driving all the way back to Wichita for the big final robot competition at 8 a.m. just didn't sound like much of a time for me. And no, I didn't talk to any of my friends about it this week either, because some of you can lay on the guilt thicker than I can lay peanut butter on toast, which is pretty damn thick ;) I still love you though, you know I do.

The robot thing went really well. We didn't make finals, but we weren't tied for last place like last year either. Finished about in the middle. We had eight rounds or prelims this year (took FOREVER) and in between most we were doing modifications and improvements... adding duct tape, removing duct tape, tightening things, securing connections. Tried to get the kids to practice driving in between rounds but most of them were too busy getting phone numbers of opposing team members of the opposite gender and eating popcorn. Oh well. Either way, we scored some points and kicked some ass.

today i absolutely must clean my apartment and do some laundry. the situation is desperate. over and out.
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