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i need something

I hate this time of year.

Several of my classes are done with. All the ones I'm an aid/co-teacher in are over, and my only MWF class is done for the year. I've got lots to do in my other classes, senior design, network systems, statics (uhg, statics) but after plugging away by myself for two days, I'm tired. Tired of feeling slow and not being sure what to do.

I need an hour-long commitment of some sort, so I can get totally out of sync, then get back and re-approach everything with a clear mind, but that's not how the schedule works anymore. I'm kinda stuck by myself.

My back hurts from sitting in this chair all the time. By eyes are dry from staring at a computer screen all day. I have no energy because I don't leave my room. I have the nutritional intake of an earthworm.

I just can't think anymore.

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