Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

general update

I haven't updated since Tuesday, but you didn't miss much. Work is fine. Life is good.

I've inherited a grill. A coworker said he didn't need it anymore, so he just gave it to me. I just need to fill the propane tank, clean the grates (might just toss them and get new ones, to tell the truth), and buy some ceramic briquettes. And then I shall grill! My parents grill like crazy all the time, I don't think they could survive without one of these things.

So yup. The grill fits perfectly on my little apartment balcony, I have just enough room left now for one chair, which I shall purchase when the time is right so I can sit in my chair, drink a beer, and grill on my grill.

Bad timing for my grilling career to start though, that's the only issue. It's October. And it's cold. Kansas doesn't really have four seasons. I hear about places that have "fall" and "spring", where the temperatures isn't hot or cold. In Kansas we have summer, where it's 80-110 degrees every day, and we have winter, where it's -40 to +40 degrees every day, and the seasons switch one night during a rainstorm when you're sound asleep.

So although it's not freezing yet, we're definately not having summer anymore. It died. As always I'm terribly depressed about it. If it wasn't for Christmas, I'm pretty sure winter would have done me in five years ago.

I'm working a lot on my php website. If you're thinking I'm brewing something exotic and facinating, you might be right. For some reason, october/november has always been a website building bug time for me, I'm realizing. Last year around this time, I was going full-blast on the forums (which started in August but I think my unemployment just forced the web bug early). Two years ago, chyx was launching (speaking of quick deaths). This year I will once again prove my internet addiction with a new site, but it's far from ready. The beta-testers can attest to this.

php is way fun though.

I need to run my dishwasher. over and out.
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