Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

a peak inside my head

I was writing a check for my rent tonight when I started thinking about how I should really think about looking at houses. It'd be so nice to not be paying rent. Then for some reason, I realized that if I bought a house, the checkbook I'd be writing out of wouldn't be valid anymore because I'd have a new address. So there's no possible way I could be writing this check in front of me for a house payment instead of a rent payment.

Then I thought, "What if, before the time I order my next box of checks, I fall deeply in love and get over my fear of commitment and get married and change my last name? Then the checks won't be valid, either. Oh, the uncertainty of it all!"

Then I thought about how society could completely crumble beneath itself, rendering all forms of currency invalid, so the name, address, routing number, and bank account on the check would all mean NOTHING! NOTHING!

I just thought I'd write this down so anyone who owns a check printing business will understand more why some of us don't order more than two boxes at a time, ever.
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