Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

pictures, pictures, everywhere!

I'm obsessed with creating thumbnails of myself, I might dedicate a whole page on my website to just explaining them. I've got like 15, so I had to pick & choose which ones I wanted on my LJ since I'm only allowed 10. Anyway, here's a nice Christmassy one from two years ago. No, the official christmas pics still aren't up, but maybe later this week they'll make it, I just need a good block of time to devote to the craft.

Was flipping channels and came across "A Wedding Story" today, this hysterical woman was showing her mom what she looked like in her vail and they both hugged and started crying. I almost vomited. Seriously, that's a disturbing show.

Got a 95 on my statics test, so go me! The semester should be good from a grade standpoint, it's nice to feel a bit relaxed about things like that.
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