Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the run

So yesterday I ran my first 10K trail run at Kanopolis State Park, which is about 20 miles south of Salina, KS. Well, they sort of called it a 10K, really it's 6.5 miles, so a little longer, but whatever. I've been training for a while but was still super-nervous about being able to run the whole time.

As it turned out, there's really no humanly possible way to run this entire course unless you are an animal and don't have a lot of concern for your life. There were steep, steep hills that we all had to just break down and trudge up, and others that we had to walk down because they were so rocky you'd bash your head right in if you took a spill running, which was highly probable. Believe me, I love running down hills, so I'd try to tackle them. Didn't happen. I'd slow down and walk because, well, I wasn't wearing a helmet.

There was sand and rock and serious water... at two points we had to wade through streams that were waist-deep and about 30 ft across. My shoes were filled with water... I'd worn cheap cotton socks that didn't really wic moisture away from my skin so I ended up with a huge blister on one toe (didn't realize this until much later though, so at least I wasn't running in pain). Good thing about cheap cotton socks though is that when I was done racing, I took them off and threw them in the trash. They were filthy and I had no desire to have them in the car with me on the hour and a half drive home.

I finished just under 80 minutes. There were three guys from work who ran with me, one of them finished about ten minutes ahead of me, one a minute ahead of me, and one a minute behind me. So it's not like I was slacking, I know you're thinking "80 minutes for 6.5 miles? You were doing 12 minute miles?" but it was serious.

The finish line was at the end of an asphalt road, and when I hit the asphalt my first thought was, "Shit... I have no ankles. I have demolished them entirely and the ends of my shin bones are resting in the souls of my shoes." I felt better about the situtation later, but waking up this morning I had similar thoughts. My right ankle is so stiff I think I've subtracted like seven years from its life. I hurt everywhere yesterday... knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, and every muscle. About mid-way through the race, when I was using my hands to climb up some rocks on the other side of a creek, I was thinking some pretty bad thoughts about the guy who'd dragged us all into this. But at the end I was satisfied. Muddy and wet, but felt pretty good. Hardcore.

There were guys who finished the race in under 40 minutes but I have no idea how, that's just insane. There were also a couple of 50 year old women who kicked my ass. Again, insane. I have no urge to run that fast. The guy in charge said they do a marathon around the park in the spring. Again, no urge, not even a little one. But I *might* come back next year for the 6.5 mi, it was an adventure if nothing else. The weather was absolutely beautiful, only a few clouds but mostly blue sky and a cool breeze. I wore a long-sleeve t-shirt and shorts and felt perfect, which is just where I like it to be for running.

I may try to do a yoga tape today or something, maybe that'll help me loosen up. Every time I sit for any period of time, I get up and none of my leg joints work anymore. This morning when I got out of bed I thought we might have to amputate, but maybe with yoga I can save part of a foot or something. egads.

and I should mention that I slept great last night. Fell asleep at nine and probably didn't move all night, just collected rest for every corner of by body for ten full hours. Nothing could have moved me from it.
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