Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

I can't believe I live here

weekends away are awesome, but the bad thing is that you come back to your neglected living space. missing a weekend means twices as many species of mold in the fridge, more laundry that's not done, more website things that broke while you were gone (I haven't gotten e-mail in four days, that's right), a bird cage that needs cleaned twice as bad, no food in the fridge. All the things that get taken care of during The Weekend were skipped, two weekends in a row now, and you just want to close the door, move across town, and start over.


but I won't, no, I will fight this.

went to bed bath and beyond to buy a present for a wedding I'm going to this weekend (specific subject not to be discussed in public entry), and really wanted to buy myself something too as kind of a personal reward for being, uh, me, but I couldn't find anything and it was really frustrating. kinda want a new tablecloth, a bread box, a candle holder, a thing that you set bacon on in the microwave. they had all this stuff but I couldn't bring myself to buy it. So I left with nothing but this ass ugly soap dispenser from the wedding registry.

I think if I ever get married I'll have my sister or somebody register for me, that way it'll be done with, but I'll be surprised. And I know my sister wouldn't pick out crap.

I digress... my point was that bed bath and beyond was depressing after wandering around so long wanting to find happiness in the material things and not finding it. I came home and made macaroni and cheese and thought about life some more. long sighs.
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