Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

php and long road runs

I've been trying to use more sql databases on my site recently, with php, and it's cool because there's so much I can do, but it's not cool because I don't really know php or mysql. So I hack at it until my head hurts.

Then I run. I ran for an hour tonight, straight, and by the end my legs felt like nothing but it felt good too. In my head I ran through SQL statements and how to set table values to variables I wanted... it's good because when you're running, your mind can just wander off and think so much. It's not good because when you're running, there's not much oxygen going to your brain so ten minutes after the workout you forget everything brilliant you'd figured out. A lot like drinking in that respect... running and drinking are two thinks that just bring such clarity to the world... you've got it all figured out when you've passed the four mile marker or had your third tequilla shot.

(of course not both at the same time)

Databases were a revolution to my brain when I learned about them my senior year of college. Yup, I was 21 when the concept was introduced. Before that, when I thought "database" I thought of a spreadsheet with headers in the first row... the thought of multiple tables and primary keys and relationships just blew my mind, it was one of those "whoever thought of this was really damn smart" moments. It was in my computers for dummies class, where the teacher let me do a linux presentation. We had a chapter about Microsoft Access. Proved to me that no matter how smart we think we are, we can always learn something from every class and every one.

Two weeks until the 10K trail run... hope I make it. And that'll be my 10K. Such an impractical distance. I'm signed up for a 5K a week or so after that... the Wichita Race For The Cure... it's a fast course so it'll be way fun, I'm excited.
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