November 28th, 2021


New bike!

I finally have a road bike! I’ve always wanted one so I’ve kept my eyes out a little, and one day a 60cm frame came up on the marketplace so that was the sign I needed.

I’ve bought bikes for the rest of my family over the years but my own bike was purchased in the Year of our Lord 1999. Or was it 2000? 

All I know is that I went to college with a Roadmaster. I did not appreciate it enough. I left it unlocked all the time. This actually worked just fine for over a year. It became a shared bike between the other girls on my dorm floor, an idea that was pleasant for everybody. Sometimes I'd ride it to the tech center for a class, walk out to find it gone. So I'd walk back to the dorm, and it would be there on the bike rack.

But one day the Roadmaster just wasn't anywhere, and I was dating the president of the mountain bike club who worked at the local bike shop, so he was my link to a brand new trek mountain bike at cost so I could join him in his hobby hitting the trails around town. Dad thought I was following my boyfriend, but whatever... the bike outlasted the boyfriend by 20+ years.

I did not love mountain biking though. I'm not brave enough. I hated showing up anywhere as a minority female, and then failing to break any girly stereotypes. We'd get up to giant bumpy hills on the trail, and I'd freeze, I could only picture myself hitting a rock and flying off and breaking my spine forever.

As an adult I got hybrid tires for the mountain bike but it was still pretty big and I did not need front struts or disc brakes for taking my kids on ice cream rides.

My new-to-me road bike is not an amazing top of the line machine. It's an aluminum frame, the shifters need a little adjusting, but it wasn't that expensive and it's nice for me to try out and figure up. The seller asked if I wanted clipless pedals, but I don't have bike shoes with clips so he just put on pedals with shoe straps. I've never even had those before. I've gotten pretty good at flipping them over and getting my shoe in them. The shifters are also the brake handles, you squeeze to brake, nudge them in to shift. It's really strange.

The important thing is that I'm quickly acclimating and I haven't fallen off yet. 

I rode 12 miles on Thursday morning before thanksgiving dinner. It was 36 degrees. I never bike when it's that cold, I run. Running is warm. I froze. I was wearing my fleece-lined tights, wool socks, undershirt, fleece pullover, fleece vest, fleece mittens, cotton hat, gaiter mask. I couldn't feel my toes or fingers. I kept feeling afraid that the bike would go off the road and just fall right over, but I was fine.