October 7th, 2021


calling in sick

My team is mostly working in the office, but anyone is allowed to work from home for basically any reason. They come into the office because it's better. Faster internet, collaboration, everyone can help, run down to the airplanes if you need to see something.

we didn't used to work from home at ALL, pre-pandemic. but covid got us used to it and got us set up for it. almost every meeting now has a link to join virtually, our systems to remote in all work very smoothly now so we can access all the systems we need to from home. we've got team chats and file shares and nothing is physical paper.

we handle sickness differently. pre-pandemic, you could be a little sniffy or have a cough hanging on and it'd be normal to come to work. you'd shrug and say "allergies!" but we all knew some people who were a LITTLE over the line and maybe shouldn't be coming in? you know, that sick guy in a meeting that nobody wants to sit next to because he's surrounded by tissues and sneezing? there is no more of that! if you seem sick, someone yells OMG GO HOME!

so if you're a little bit sick, you work from home.

someone else was lamenting that they now feel pressured to work when they're sick... which also isn't right, but how do you win? I definitely believe that sickness requires rest to get better. even a bad cold... I had weeks back in the day when I'd have a cold, suffer through it at work all week, finally rest up when saturday hit and just like that I was better. I just needed a day of mental break, watching tv and napping freely. it taught me that I should take that day sooner rather than later. why work all week feeling like 50% of myself, when I can take a day off then have more days at 100%?

but still, office workers are fondly remembering the time when they'd spend a sick day just being sick with no pressure to work because we couldn't work from home. they don't all love this extra choice.

I love the extra choice! But like everything, we have to use it for good and not evil, set our own limits, and say okay really I'm SICK and not working!