August 24th, 2021


produce etiquette

asking for a friend... let's say you regularly walk past this house about 2-3 blocks from yours, and they have a pear tree in their front yard that is just busting out pears all over the place. there are some nasty ones on the ground but more great ones on the tree. you never see them outside, but you start venturing a few feet into their yard to pick off some pears. like, every night. with your kid.

and your whole family starts eating pears like they're in their own food group. sitting around watching tv, your daughter regularly makes eye contact with you and just says, "pear time?". with a knowing nod, you're both out the door. you haven't brought a bag yet, just depend on hoodie pockets and whatever you can carry. I mean why take a bunch, you'll be back tomorrow.

that kind of thing is okay you think?

casual fruit theft?

I'd do it
I would not do it