August 19th, 2021


josie's favorite things

my beloved daughter jo is starting the 6th grade. the beginning of the year has become an annual terrible thing because her least favorite assignment always comes up... create something to introduce yourself. absolute torture for her. it's happened a lot. make a page, or a worksheet, or a poster, called "ALL ABOUT ME" and include some photos and talk about yourself, your hobbies and family and anything you want!

I understand why this would be hard for a kid who's had a tough life but Josie is just... my kid. Oh and did I mention that bit? She's MY KID... my genetics, from me, and my favorite thing to talk about is MYSELF! 3-7 times a week I come to this website to spit out 500-1000 words about myself, not only did I love "about me!" posters but I totally failed to outgrow them and have not run out of things to say! In social settings I have to hold back because it is not polite to talk about one's self, but I can! In presentations if I'm given too much time to address my topic and my technical depth is lacking, I can always kill time talking about myself! 5-10 minute freebie, I can relate it somehow!

See, this entry is about my child and I'm already talking about myself.

One really easy box of an "about me" poster, I told her on our walk last night, is the Favorites list. Just list your favorite thing. What's your favorite color? movie? rock band? anime?

she seriously said she didn't know these things. doesn't have a favorite movie, there are lots. doesn't know what kind of music she likes. she doesn't like country music. well that's a start.

I know you have a favorite videogame kid! what's that one you play all the time? gumshoe island? she rolled her eyes and said FOR THE LAST TIME MOM IT'S GENSHIN IMPACT and I said same thing.

favorite shoes? favorite city we've visited? favorite kind of car? blank stares.

so finally I said what's your favorite tree? we were passing by an oak tree, so I was going to suggest just saying oak. but instead she said Acacia.

wait, what? you can't tell me a favorite movie but you have a favorite tree? and I don't even know what that is.

File:Flora of Tanzania 0470 Nevit.jpg, wikimedia commons, Nevit Dilmen

she laughed. and then kind of thought of more things. I kept asking her all the questions and she had a list.

favorite book: the wild robot by peter brown
favorite drink: Shirley Temple, because it's "not appropriate to put mojito on a school poster" (we make them without rum, friends!)
favorite scary movie: Pet Cemetery, the remake not the original (why does she have a favorite scary movie but no favorite movie? I can't say.)
favorite place in wichita: the art museum, because of the you can walk on a glass floor with Dale Chihuly's glassblown chandelier underneath your feet
favorite kind of pizza: bbq chicken from ziggy's
favorite food: fried rice
favorite roller coaster: the mr. freeze at six flags
favorite cookie: peanut butter
favorite ice cream flavor: mint

she's got something! I said there you go kid, write big, draw pictures, you can win this poster thing!